Browse the gallery to view vintage Harley-Davidson advertising, photographs, dealer signage, oil cans dating back to the 1920’s, and other items we’ve been lucky enough to discover.

Note: We’re always interesting in preserving old Harley-Davidson items. If you are interested in selling something that should be added to the MotorPlex Harley collection of memorabilia please let us know by leaving a message on the Contact Page of this site.

1931 Calendar from a New York Harley Davidson Dealership. Size 12" x 18"
This wall includes a Harley Calendar from 1931 and two advertising posters from the 1930's.
Pictured here is a collection of both old and new HD collectibles. The store hour sign and pars magazine rack are from the 80's. The remaining items are from the last 10 years.
The large 3' x 8' neon sign is a replica of an original Harley Davidson Factory Sign pictured below it. The shelf contains a collection of oil cans that range from the 1920's-1970's. And, the wall is a collection of old photos that follow the Harley Davidson motorcycle history.
This 1980's Dealer Sign is from an old dealership that was located in Kingman, Arizona on old Route 66. Size: 5' x 6'
This 1990's sign is from a dealership that closed in Iowa. Size: 4' x 4.5'.
These cans represent two oldest cans in the collection. The 5 gallon can on the left is from the 1920's, the black label cans are from the 1930's, the white label cans are from the 1940's. and the prelux cans are from the 1950's. Most of the cans in this collection are full.
This Stearns Pinball Machine is from the 1980's (the original video game).
This double sided dealer sign with original brackets is from the 1980's. Size: 23" x 26".